Start Early! Each School's Process is Different

A family’s financial aid package is exactly that—a series of different solutions in the form of grants, loans, or maybe a tuition payment plan—woven together to build a package that makes a particular school affordable for a family. Your financial aid application should include a conversation with the school. Do research and make yourself knowledgeable about the kinds of aid and financing available from each school such as grants, tuition discounts, student profile scholarships (geographic, social affiliation), achievement/merit awards, and loans.

The Financial Aid process may be different at each school you are considering. No one will know more about aid and financing options for potential students than the financial aid counselors at the school(s). To begin, check each school's websites for general information regarding deadlines and requirements. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What is the total cost of tuition, (room and board, if relevant), books, and incidental fees?
  • What are the deadlines for admission and financial aid?
  • What types of financial aid does the school offer?
  • How many students receive financial aid, and what is the average grant amount?
  • Does the school require a minimum contribution from families?
  • What information will our family need to submit?
  • Do we have to re-apply annually?

Each school administers its own financial aid program, making awards and grants based on the competition for need-based financial aid. The amount of aid you might receive varies from school to school based onthe funds the school has available and the quality of competition for each available dollar.

Above all, it is important to be honest with the financial aid counselors you speak with at the schools. They are there to help but need accurate information to do their best for you.