While each family bears the primary responsibility for financing their child’s education to the extent that they are able, there are a variety of programs to assist. Private school tuition can be very affordable with the help of merit scholarships and need based financial aid.

Check in with each school of interest

The best source of information about this process and available assistance is the admission and financial aid officers at each individual school of interest. Deadline dates, testing requirements, and financial aid packages may vary from school to school so make sure you visit each website and speak to each school of interest.

Our member schools do not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, nationality, religion, or ethnic origin in the administration of its financial aid program. Schools are obligated to maintain confidentiality over financial aid applications, records, and decisions.

Go straight to the source

Most schools' websites and admissions materials will offer you a step-by-step guide to their financial aid process. Check these early in your process to ensure you meet all the required deadlines.


Academic scholarships are awarded based on an entrance exam, overall scholastic achievement, teacher recommendations, demonstration of academic potential, proficiency in a particular area of study, financial need, or any combination of the above. All EdCoWNY schools participate in the Oishei full-tuition scholarship program and the Cullen foundation scholarships.

Need-based financial aid grants (and sliding scale tuition) are based on a family’s financial needs and do not need to be repaid. Please note that admission decisions are made independently from the financial aid applications submitted by families.

Flexible payment plans allow families to spread out their tuition payments over eight to ten months. In most cases, payments start before the school year begins.

Low-interest loan programs differ from payment plans in that they charge interest, require creditworthiness, and may include other fees. Look carefully at the short-and-long-term impact of these programs.

Work Study Programs

Students who are eligible for work-study programs are matched with an in-school job during the summer, or an after-school position. Payment is based on the number of hours worked and is credited directly to the tuition account.

Most families take advantage of at least one of the above options. Meeting deadlines for submitting the necessary forms is most important. Please meet the deadlines at each school of interest.