Getting Started

This is an exciting process. Here are some tips to get you started.

Admissions is granted based on performance on an entrance exam as well as past educational performance, conduct, and attendance.

While all EdCo schools are committed to providing the best and most well-rounded education for your child, their approaches may be very different. Each school has developed a distinctive program and culture based on its mission and its own community.

Since each child and family has different needs and interests, please take some time to consider the following as you begin this process.

  1. School Type: EdCo schools offer day, boarding, coeducational and single sex options.
  2. Location: Consider how your student will get to a school. Some districts provide free busing within a 15 mile radius others rely on public busses and/or a metro pass. Check with your school district to learn more.
  3. Grade range: While all EdCo schools are high schools, some also offer middle and elementary school components.
  4. Student Body: Total enrollment and average class size varies from school to school. Consider the pros and cons for your student.
  5. Educational philosophy: Visit each school's website to learn about their approach and guiding principles.
  6. Curriculum: What courses are required for graduation? Are there special programs or affiliations that might be beneficial for my student?
  7. Faculty: How many have advanced degrees? What is the student/faculty ratio?
  8. Facilities: Visit schools that interest you and ask questions about what will be available for your student.
  9. Exra-curricular Programs: What opportunities are available that fit your student's particular interests?
  10. Parent involvement: In what ways can parents participate in their child's education and overall experience in school?

Review each school’s website, request an admissions packet, and/ or call the admissions office with questions, even if you’re not sure whether you plan to apply to the school. It is in everyone’s interest to help you find the school                                     that's the best fit for your student.  Admissions Tips & Open House Information