Year-End Angst: Help for Teachers

Tue Apr 30th, 2019 - 4 to 5 pm

Nearly half of all teachers say they experience stress at a high level every day.  Teachers are actually tied with nurses, with 46 percent of both groups reporting high daily stress, and it's not hard to understand the reasons why.  Teachers do much more than teach academic lessons; they must also manage classroom behavior and keep an eye on helping students grow and develop socially in a healthy way. On top of that, they must coordinate with other adults and keep records of just about everything they do.  Add to that their own personal responsibilities outside the classroom, and you've got a recipe for angst!  

This workshop will explore the importance of teacher self care and modeling good stress-management for our students. We will discuss ways to mitigate the extra angst teachers face as the school year winds down and methods to help our students power through this season as well.

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