Virtual Student Symposium



Welcome to the Education Collaborative of Western New York TPS Virtual Student Symposium. 


Please feel free to view the videos and leave comment/ feedback for our students and teachers. Comments/ feedback can be submitted on the YouTube video page (click on the YouTube icon in the lower right hand corner of the video) or in a comment thread at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for Participating! 



"Inquiry and Society Through Literary Works"

"Has Society's Perceptions of Women Changed Since 1900 in the United States"


"Seeing" the Classical Heroes


"Seeing" the Classical Heroes




"Seeing" the Classical Heroes


"Egypt: What role did Geography play in the everyday life of Ancient Egyptians?"




"Making the New Deal New Again"

"The Silk Road"



"Racism and Prejudice" Video 1

"Racism and Prejudice" Video 2




"Freud: A Case Study"

"Creating Inquiry Projects"




"Civil Rights and To Kill a Mocking Bird"





TPS Student Symposium