2021-2022 Fund Goal - $250,000.00



The Equity for All Fund is a new initiative that is directly connected to our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) work. Our DEI initiative is focused on creating educational spaces where all students feel like they belong and therefore can succeed both academically and socially. As we continue to delve deeper and uncover unseen truths, one barrier that we have discovered is the inability of students to fully belong due to financial constraints. This project seeks to provide a short-term solution by alleviating this constraint, but also to build a path toward solving the issue in the long-term by partnering with the EdCo schools.

The purpose of The Equity for All fund is to provide funding for students at EdCo schools and who participate In Buffalo Prep programs who are unable to fully participate in all high school activities due to financial constraints.

Our project is based on the premise that not all students in the EdCo schools have the ability to immerse themselves in a full high school experience due to financial constraints. The cost of tuition in an EdCo school, depending on the school, is between $9,000-$70,000 each year. While the schools work extremely hard to open access to their schools through tuition assistance and scholarships, there are hidden tuition costs that are often overlooked, which many families cannot afford, thus limiting the ability of a student to fully belong in the institution. Schools do work with students to meet many of these needs as they become aware, but the reality is that some of the needs remain elusive to the schools and/ or the schools lack additional resources to fill all of the gaps.


The known gaps include but are not exclusive to:

  • access to food (breakfast & lunch)
  • sports fees
  • activity fees
  • technology fees
  • books and supplies
  • electives not covered by tuition
  • field trip costs
  • tickets to dances
  • exam fees

As we continue to learn more about the true needs of students through our DEI work and requests to this fund, we will become better equipped to meet the needs of current and future students.


Beginning in the Fall of 2021 students and their families will be able to apply for up to $500 per school year to cover any and all expenses that might hinder their high school experience. Funds will be sent to the school on their behalf.


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