Immersive Experiences 2017


As part of the 2017 WNY STEAM Conference, join us for some fantastic STEAM Immersive Experiences on August 8. These visits to quality STEAM sites here in WNY will inspire you to innovate in your classroom and beyond.
If you have already registered for the WNY STEAM Conference, you may register for the Immersive Experiences at no additional cost.  Travel to and from the experience sites is on your own.  Directions are provided below in the descriptions. 


Morning - 9AM -11AM (Choose One)
  1. A.W. Miller Technical Sales Inc. 
  2. BAK USA
  3. Buffalo Museum of Science
  4. Burchfield-Penney Art Center
Afternoon - 12PM - 2:30PM
  1. General Motors Tonawanda Engine (Lunch Included)

STEAM Immersive Experiences Descriptions:

Morning Experiences:
A.W.Miller Technical Sales Inc, 7661 Seneca St., East Aurora, NY 14052
Matt Jones, Additive Facilities Manager, facilitator
Up to 30 attendees
Gain insight on how the educational experiences using 3D printers prepare learners for career experiences in additive technology. You will tour the A.W. Miller facility by host Matt Jones, Additive Manufacturing Manager. You will see five different types of 3D printers and observe what products they produce and how they operate. You will have an opportunity to handle the various materials used and finished products, as well as understand the various applications, post processing, delivery methods and uses of 3D printing across industry settings. 

BAK USA, 425 Michigan Ave., Buffalo, NY 14203
Ikey Ajavon, Marketing Strategy Specialist, facilitator
Up to 20 attendees
Visit Bak USA to experience their state of the art facility, and learn how their devices and programming can impact your classroom.  Bak USA (pronounced "Back USA") is a social enterprise that builds mobile computers in Buffalo, New York. A grassroots organization with a global reach, we are partnering with local agencies and industry leaders to build computers, empower people, and change the world. Our dream is to make mobile technologies accessible to every human being on earth.

Buffalo Museum of Science, 1020 Humboldt Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14211
Melissa Leopard, Make Shift Workshop Coordinator, facilitator
Up to 20 attendees
Dive into the engineering design process and participate in tour of the Make Shift workshop, and hands-on activities to create solutions and engage conversation about assessment and alignment to NYS standards. Lesson plans and materials will also be provided.

Burchfield-Penney Art Center, 1300 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY 14222
Mary Kozub, Manager of Education and Outreach, facilitator
Up to 40 attendees
Three mini-experiences show the breadth of the Center's offerings. In "Who Sat Here?" four designers (leaders in the arts and crafts movement) made their mark in the late-19th and early 20th centuries. They discovered the science of design and a shared aesthetic while developing a personal legacy. Learn how mechanics, geometry and visual balance need to harmonize to create the classic chairs on exhibition in The Center. Calculate how height, width, flow, and angles each play their part in furniture design. Participants will make a mono-print of a chair in the style of their choice, with an accompanying frame that mimics the key design elements of the selected chair.
 "Math and the Museum" illustrates how a trip to the museum can inspire a classroom teacher to develop extended lessons that highlight mathematical concepts introduced in the Engage NY Math Curriculum (Module 4, Lesson 2: Lines and Angles).  Participate in a highly interactive tour to gain an understanding of how architects utilize mathematics in their craft, while incorporating geometric shapes and dynamic space in the design and layouts of their buildings.
 See the art of Charles E. Burchfield in "Through the Lens of Science," and how his work enables an understanding of the Earth. The exhibit Charles E. Burchfield's Golden Year  provides evidence of the natural world and man's effect upon it as participants. Explore natural science, geography, math and art through hands-on activities and the handling of natural objects. Following careful observation of the Charles E. Burchfield paintings, participants collage a work of art to culminate the learning experience.

Afternoon Experience:
Up to 25 attendees
General Motors Tonawanda Engine, 2995 River Rd, Buffalo, NY 14207
GM is our host for lunch at Noon, followed by an intimate discussion with Benjamin Zavala, Creative Designer and Rebecka Buller, Lead Designer follows. A panel discussion with representatives from GM human resources, engineering and IT departments and a mini-tour of the GM Tonawanda engine plant round out the day.