EdCo’s overall diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goal is to help our partner schools and partner organizations create accessible, equitable and inclusive educational spaces where ALL students feel a true sense of belonging affording them every opportunity to succeed both academically and socially. To that end, we bring key stakeholders (students, parents/ guardians, teachers, administrators, trustees, etc.) to the table to unearth challenges rooted in inequity and exclusion, and opportunities to address those challenges through collaborative learning that is rooted in data, research, and best practices.


Long Term DEI Goals:

  1. Develop equitable and inclusive environments that allow ALL students’ every opportunity to to feel they belong and can thrive both socially and academically.
  2. Provide opportunities for adults (faculty, administrators, staff and directors) to learn more about belonging through equity and inclusion, and to allow for collaboration and continued growth as individuals and professionals.
  3. Provide opportunities for students that allow them to grow socially and academically, while also empowering them to become leaders of equity and inclusion in our diverse institutions and in the broader community.

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