Inclusivity Conference 2017



Thursday, January 12th and Friday, January 13th

Please join us for the annual Inclusivity Conference hosted by Nichols School.  All students at Education Collaborative of WNY high schools are invited to attend the conference, at no cost. 

The program will open on Thursday evening with keynote speaker Donisha Prendergrast, who will be sharing her journey as an activist and providing insights into creating inclusive communities.  On Friday, we will lead a variety of activities to promote this goal of love, inclusion, and embracing each other and ourselves. It is encouraged for you to attend both day, although it is not required. Please click the registration link to sign up!

                                                            Hope to see you there,

                                                            Kelah Winfield '17

                                                            Myles Hervey '17


For questions and/ or concerns, please contact:

Caitlin Crowell


Thursday January 12th

6:00-6:30         Registration                                                     Flickinger Center Foyer

6:30-6:45         Welcome                                                          Flickinger Performing Arts Center

Kelah Winfield '17,  Myles Hervey '17,  Mikyle Hassanali '17,  Michael Malof '17,  and Xavier Kyle '17 with David Williams '18, TaNia Cunningham '18, Dylan Hall '18 and Imani Dockery '18                   

Excerpt from A Raisin in the Sun,  Kelah Winfield '17                     

                        Introduction, Dr. Ramone Alexander

6:45-7:45         Ms. Donisha Prendergast, keynote speaker


7:45-8:30         Ice Cream Social for conference attendees       Rand Dining Hall

Friday January 13th

8:15-8:30         Registration                                                      Flickinger Center Foyer

8:30-9:15         All Conference Activity                                     Flickinger Stage

9:15 -10:15      Session #1                                                        Various Locations

10:15 -10:30    Snack

10:30- 11:30    Affinity Group Session #1                                 Flickinger Center

11:30-12:00     Lunch                                                               Rand Dining Hall

12:00-1:00       Session #2                                                       Various Locations

1:00-1:30         Affinity Group Session #2                                Flickinger Center

1:30-2:15         Closing Ceremonies                                         Flickinger Performing Arts Center


Session Options

*New Sessions Added Below

A. Iroquois History in Western New York

Learn more about Iroquois history in WNY! With many Iroquois Nations located in the region, Native American culture is an integral part of our history. Take part in conversation about the impact Iroquois culture has in our community and the impact our community has on Iroquois culture.    

B. West Side Bazaar                            

The West Side Bazaar is a small business incubator that aids and supports entrepreneurs on their path into the business world. With questions looming about immigration policies and refugee aid, the West Side Bazaar allows refugee, immigrant, and low income individuals to pursue their small business and bring their culture into the community. Looking into the history of the program as well as the immigration history of the Western New York, we engross ourselves in knowledge that applies to the world today and learn how to improve the lives of others here in the area.

C. Theater Perspectives                           

Using theater exercises and games, this session will focus on how the arts encourage human empathy and understanding of different perspectives.

D. The Impact of Song                                        

Students will collaborate to learn a piece of music with historical significance.  They will perform their piece at the end of the conference. Participants do not need any prior musical training.

E. Identity and Intersectionality              

The idea of identity is central to the Inclusivity Conference. In this session, we will continue to build on our all conference discussions. Participants will be asked to act in situational skits in which students assume different roles. The goal is to learn how to see things from different perspectives. Attendees will also be asked to participate in an open-mic; a Conference Leader describes a situation and any students that have experienced a similar situation can talk about it. The goal of this exercise is to recognize and respect our similarities and differences. Join this session if you are outgoing, expressive, and curious about other people's backgrounds.

F. Constructive Conversation

Participants will learn practical skills that will be useful when discussion emotionally charged topics.  The objective is for participants to seek understanding rather than approval, appreciate multiple perspectives, exercise empathy, and discuss controversial topics in a respectful manner.

G. Come-UNITY with Ms. Donisha Prendergrast

This workshop will be centered around togetherness and community, and led by our keynote speaker, a Rastafarian activist for civil and human rights.

H. The Power of the "Good Mind".

A primary Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) teaching that leads to peace and the power of the collective. A way of living that can be in effect at all times, in all situations.  This presentation will explore how to connect at the basic human level and find balance within ourselves, with each other, and with all of creation.

I. "Unseen Tears".

This short documentary looks at the impact of Native American Residential/Boarding Schools in WNY and the inter-generational trauma they created.  The video is about a half hour long and will be followed by a facilitated discussion.