EdCo DEI Conferences 2023-24

As educators, we are acutely aware of the role we play in the development of children.

EdCo believes that offering high quality professional & personal development opportunities for board members, administrators, faculty, and staff, and connecting and collaborating with allies locally and nationally are the key ingredients to succeed in this challenging environment.

You Have To Go To Know” This is the theme for EdCo’s 2023-24 professional development offerings.  Our goal is for EdCo educators to attend national and statewide DEI conferences and/or to visit schools that embody DEI practices and principles we are striving to reach.       

Grant funding from the John R. Oishei Foundation will enable EdCo to invite representatives from ALL EdCo partner schools and Buffalo Prep to attend 3 or 4 state and/or national conferences.


Here's How it Works

  • Schools / Prep will have a total of 3-4 conference spots. They can be used all at 1 conference, or 2 here and 2 there, etc.  
  • DEI Coordinators CAN NOT be the sole conference participant; a single DEI Coordinator may not go to 3 or 4 conferences. Our goal is to encourage participation from others within the schools to participate - especially School Leaders. 
  • EdCo will cover the cost of the conference AND up to $1,000 in travel/ additional expenses (flights, hotels, mileage, food, etc.) per individual.
  • For quicker reimbursement for initial costs (registration, flight and hotel) please send confirmation/receipts directly to both Eric – eyarwood@edcowny.org  AND Ginny – gwallace@edcowny.org
  • Reimbursement for other incidentals (parking, meals, etc.) should be recorded on this reimbursement form  Reimbursements for all approved incidentals will be paid directly to the school.
  • Expenses (not including the registration fee) that exceed $1,000 will have to be covered by the school / Buffalo Prep.
  • Capacity funds may be used if necessary and if available outside your submitted budget/ carry-over from last year.
  • Each conference/school visit will require the participation of at least three (3) EdCo schools/ Buffalo Prep.


Participants will travel in cohorts so collaboration and peer learning communities can be fostered. Out of town travel will expose participants to ideas, new points of view and perspectives and provide participants the opportunity to build a network of allies they would otherwise be unable to access.


EdCo Conference List for 2023-24


NAIS People of Color Conference, St Louis MO. November 29 – December 2, 2023  

Cost - Up $ 1010.00

NYSAIS Gender and Human Sexuality Conference  Mohonk, NY January 30 – February 1, 2024   Cost - $520 May attend as long as at least 3 EdCo schools/ Prep plan to attend

Equal Justice Initative - Montgomery, AL April 10-12.  Contact Eric for more details.

NYSAIS Diversity Practitioners Conference 2024   Mohonk, NY.  May 1-May 3,2024  May attend as long as at least 3 EdCo schools/ Prep plan to attend