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WInter / Spring 2020 PROGRAM FLYER (printable)

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Making Math Meaningful: What are We Teaching and Why (3 CTLE) - POSTPONED
Thursdays, May 21 and May 28, 2020
Location: TBA
3:30—5:00 pm

Math is usually labeled as a rote and black/white subject. Many people identify very early as being "good" at math or not, and self-maintain that label throughout life. However, math doesn't have to be like that! This workshop will start with a presentation on recent math pedagogy research and practices, and end with participants using these skills and ideas to create a unit plan based on the ideas presented. (Best for G 6-12)

Presenter: Caitlin Littlefield, Buffalo Seminary

Virtual Training Opportunity from the New York Sea Grant and Buffalo Niagara Waterkeepers.

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