Creating Inquiry Projects with Primary Resources and iPads 




2013- 2014 Project


The "Creating Inquiry Projects with Primary Resources and iPads" was a yearlong project that paired teachers and librarians with the primary goal being to increase student achievement through inquiry based learning using primary resources found on the Library of Congress website and at the UB Anderson Gallery

The project will kicked off with a three-day workshop series (August 19-21, 2013) that introduced teachers to the digital resources found on the Library of Congress website and the vast collection of artifacts found in the Cravens exhibit at the UB Anderson Gallery.  Additionally, we created a student—centered inquiry based project that focused on Common Core Standards that were used with students in the 2013-14 school year.  These projects incorporated various technologies including web 2.0 resources and iPads (Having iPads were not necessary for participation in the project).  Teachers from all subject areas were welcome to participate in this exciting project however; emphasis was placed on English and Social Studies this year. 

The Library of Congress funded stipends for teachers and librarians that participate in this project through a grant provided by Waynesburg University.  To receive the full stipend, participants were required to take part in the three-day workshop series, complete a inquiry based lesson, and participate in the yearlong project.  Participation in the yearlong aspect of this project required teachers and librarians to: 1. Use their inquiry project with students, 2. Continue communication with the group throughout the school year, and 3. Participate in a culminating event that would allow students to share their projects with each other.


2014 Summer Workshops

As the 2013-14 project was a great success, we are excited to be able to offer workshops for the summer of 2014.

Teachers from ALL subject area are invited to participate in the 2014 "Creating Inquiry Projects with Primary Resources and iPads" summer workshops.  STEAM will be a primary focus of this year's workshop, so teachers from STEAM subject areas are encouraged to attend. 

The overall goal of the two-day workshop series is to provide teachers with the tools and opportunity to create an engaging lesson that incorporate inquiry, primary sources, project-based instruction and technology integration.