EdCo has a collaborative tool just for you!
We spend the bulk of our days working to facilitate learning amongst our students - teaching them to collaborate and use our content to solve problems in their lives and in the world.  There is a good reason for that!  A large body of research tells us that when students learn together, that learning goes deeper and is retained longer.  Peers that learn together address and clarify misunderstandings, increase their higher-order analytical skills as they work together to understand diverse perspectives, and are more likely to put learning into practice.  
We are learners too! So, the same is true for us!  When teachers collaborate, we gain more intricate understanding of pedagogies that best support our students and lead to higher student achievement.  
AND we take care of ourselves too!  Teacher collaboration lowers teacher stress and improves morale.  Collaboration gives us tools to make our day-to-day more manageable.  Sometimes it's in the materials we share with each other, making our planning better; sometimes it's in the support we receive that improves our emotional wellness; sometimes it's in having the space to speak freely to our peers and navigate challenges.  Collaboration is directly correlated to feelings of support and success as educators.  
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