Education Collaborative of Western New York Faculty Sabbatical Fund




Funds will be available to support a transformational sabbatical and/or summer session that will enhance and energize STEAM programming at each school. Upon sabbatical completion, participating teachers will share their findings with other Education Collaborative of Western New York member school counterparts.  Funds are intended to support the cost for a substitute teacher over an agreed upon period of time, up to one semester, during the school year or to support costs to complete appropriate professional activities over the summer months if an academic year sabbatical is not possible.  Each school will design their own unique project that best complements their STEAM programming and organizational capacity.



Each school will receive $15,000 for this sabbatical opportunity. It is not meant as a one-time expense, and it can be spread out over the three-year period. Monies may not utilized after December 2016. Funds will be given only to the schools to defray expenses, and may not given to any individual.


Applying for the sabbatical funds:

A formal application must be made at least six weeks in advance of a sabbatical experience to the Education Collaborative of Western New York Executive Director. There will be a small committee of the Education Collaborative of Western New York Board of Directors who will consider the application and make a recommendation to the John R. Oishei Foundation staff.


Application Form:


Please e-mail the completed form and personal vita for each faculty member included in the proposal to Rick Bryan:


EdCo Faculty Sabbatical Fund.docx