STEAM Professional Development



Georegette Yackman



May 9 & 10

8:00AM - 4:00PM

UB Center for Tomorrow


Friday May 9 - Theory and Reasoning

Saturday May 10 - Practicum and Plan Creation

o Introduction to the STEAM framework

o Review of epistemology and pedagogy of STEM/STEAM

o Learn about the commons of the subjects

o Class management tactics - behavioral & interdisciplinary

o Meeting extensions for all types of learners

o Review of previous examples of STEAM projects and programs

o Reasoning for and how to create STEAM Teams for educators and students

o Examples of STEAM themes & interdisciplinary PBL styled projects - hands-on

o Program sustainability considerations and tactics

o Partnerships, sponsorships and grants advice

o Community Outreach structure and STEAM school events

o Lesson plan creation/expansion based on benchmarks