STEAM Conference August 2nd


  Podcasts across Disciplines: Giving Students a Voice
  Timothy Monahan and Amanda Wawro, St. Francis High School and Maritime Charter School
  Time: 9:00 AM- 11:30 PM, E-Mail:
  Location: Hilbert College, Paczesny Hall, Room 216
  Podcasts are nothing more than digital audio files that can be downloaded and shared, which makes them easy to create and easy to distribute to a large audience. This is a powerful tool for students to further develop presentation skills such as tone, mood, pacing, and structure, without the fear of a visual audience. This presentation will introduce teachers to the world of podcasts in the classroom and offer an in-depth tutorial in which they will make their own podcasts using tablets, smartphones, and computers.
  Alex Fernandez,  Yahoo! and independant STEAM and Ed Tech consultant
  Time: 9:00 AM- 11:30 PM, E-Mail:
  Location: Hilbert College, Paczesny Hall, Room 204
  Staying on the cutting edge of emerging educational technology is at the core of what we do as relevant and informed educators. Building cross-functional teams within collaborative learning spaces; utilizing technology to bring accountability and transparency to all projects. We are researching and developing projects integrating experiential media and interactive virtual learning spaces with interdisciplinary STEAM teams. Blending game based learning, 3D and CAD modeling, 3D printing, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality into engaging lessons with clearly defined learning objectives, we create memorable experiences with extended learning opportunities. 
  Implementing Inquiry Labs
  Time: 9:00 AM- 11:30 PM
  Larry Hiller, Nichols School, E-Mail:
  Location: Room 223 in Center 63 at Nichols School. Directions
  In this workshop we will model how to facilitate and grade student-centered explorations and labs in any science subject, at any level from 7th-12th grade. We will discuss pedagogy and the development of class room culture that make these programs successful. We will run through several example activities. Participants will be given rubrics and guides to take away with them to use in their own classrooms.
  Alice Programming
  Time: 9:00 AM- 11:30 PM
  Adam Ziccardi, Orchard Park CSD, E-Mail:
  Location: Hilbert College, Paczesny Hall, Room 218
  This workshop will discuss how to teach Alice programming and how to teach it as a standalone course and simultaneously an introductory course for APCS.
The course syllabus will be discussed, projects can be made, computer requirements discussed, textbooks, etc. Depending on the course participants we can teach programming concepts or get right into how to run a one or two semester course in programming using Alice (1 semester) and then java (2nd semester more Alice and then Java) .
  "Is my water safe?!": A social justice teaching approach bringing current events into the classroom
  Monica Ridgeway, Education Collaborative of WNY, E-Mail:
  Time: 12:30PM - 3:00PM
  Location: Hilbert College, Paczesny Hall, Room 205
  Often times we hear about catastrophic events in the media, but, as educators, lack the skills to use these events as teachable moments in our classrooms. The reasons for this disconnect can lie in the lack of time, unsurety of how the event should be addressed, fear of departing from curriculum, the controversial nature embedded within the event, and the impact on the emotions of the students. In this interactive workshop, participants will explore Social Justice Education in relation to the Flint, Michigan water crisis as a case study. Social Justice teaching encourages student and teacher empowerment in using the classroom as a place to foster critical and conscious thinking. Inevitably this will foster a greater impact on society, push back against the status quo, and instill in students a voice to speak back against inequality.
  PBS LearningMedia for Your Classroom
  Kirsten Burke Smith, Lockport CSD, E-Mail:
  Time: 12:30PM - 3:00PM
  Location: Hilbert College, Paczesny Hall, Room 203
  There are over 100,000 free resources archived on PBS LearningMedia ( These include text, images, videos, and primary sources. Curated collections and lesson plans for any discipline area can be found on the site, and are aligned to age/grade level and CCSS standards. This workshop will teach all the features of PBS LearningMedia, and offer ample time for teachers to create a profile and search the collection. Teachers will have a chance to find great curricular materials, create lessons, save materials for future use, and share ideas amongst the group.
  One-to-One Device Programs: Is the Grass Greener?
  Eric Yarwood, Education Collaborative of WNY, E-Mail:
  Time: 12:30PM - 3:00PM
  Location: Hilbert College, Paczesny Hall, Room 206
  This workshop will focus not only on the pros and cons of 1:1 device programs in K-12 schools, but will also delve into possible solutions to some of the common issues that arise from such programs.  Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their experiences with 1:1 and will work with others to develop best practices for utilizing the devices in classrooms.  Topics will include: classroom management in 1:1, pedagogy, digitizing classroom materials, etc.  Eric has worked in schools that have deployed iPads, laptops and Chromebooks as a technology integration specialist.  In addition, he is researching the 1:1 phenomenon as a doctoral student at the University at Buffalo.