The Oishei High School Scholarship




·      Established in 1998 with financial support from The John R. Oishei Foundation (the Foundation) in collaboration with the Education Collaborative of WNY (EdCo).

·      Nearly 300 scholarships have been awarded to “Oishei Scholars” to attend 15 local private secondary schools in this highly competitive, sought after program.

·      $10 million in Foundation support since 1998.


·      To offer economically disadvantaged students of color full tuition scholarships* to private high schools in the Buffalo area.

·      To increase the community outreach and diversity of local private secondary schools.


·      Applicants must take an entrance exam.

·      Applicants must be registered as part of the freshman class at one of EdCo’s 15 member schools.

·      Applicants must be economically disadvantaged with a household income of $65,000 or below.

·      Applicants must be students of color (African American, Asian American, Hispanic, Native American).

·      Each school is required to select and nominate three candidates.**

·      Family must submit a Declaration of Intent form by 2/1/18.**       


·      EdCo provides program administration with advice from a Scholarship Advisory Committee made up of EdCo school representatives.

·      Scholarship recipients are selected by a separate, independent Scholarship Selection Committee consisting of community representatives.

·      EdCo and Buffalo Prep are responsible for ongoing program monitoring, including feedback from participating schools, students and parents.

·      Each fall, participating schools submit program invoices to EdCo for review and verification after which EdCo submits invoices to and receives payment from the Foundation for distribution to participating EdCo schools in accordance with the Letter of Agreement for The John R. Oishei Foundation High School Scholarship for the 2018-2019 School Year made by and between the Foundation and EdCo.


·      Declaration of Intent Forms to schools by 2/1/18

·      Applications from schools due by 2/16/18

·      Announcement of winners by March 2018

For more information, contact one of the EdCo School’s Admissions Directors.


*The full tuition scholarship to the Gow School is supported in part by the Oishei Foundation and in part by the Gow School

**The Gow School is a specific needs school with its own Oishei Scholarship process

    Please contact the Gow School Admissions office for information.





2018-2019 Scholarship Brochure