Health Science Event

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014


Host School: Cardinal O'Hara High School





On Saturday, March 22, 2014, The Education Collaborative of Western New York STEAM Academy will be hosting an event day centered around the theme of Medical Careers.  Students will have the opportunity to learn lab skills specific to medical labs, first aid techniques, and hear from professionals in different fields of medicine.  Most of the sessions are activity-based and hands-on such as solving a case study of a sick patient, testing compatibility for a transplant, dissection techniques, designing a pharmaceutical, and making dilutions and using highly specialized equipment.



The Medical Science Event will consist of a set of 7 Workshops which include:  


1. Anatomy of Mammals (double session)*

Students will perform a guided dissection of a Mink.

2. Working in the ICU

A professional is coming to share what an Intensive Care Unit is about, talk about the kinds of patients you will work with in an ICU and show some tools of the trade.

3. Doctor for a Day

Like doctors on the TV show House, you work in teams to diagnose a patients symptoms.

4. What does a Med Tech do?

A professional medical technologist will share a glimpse into this growing field with microscope slides and analytical tests such as blood banking and urinalysis activities.

5. Tissue Typing 

Discover if a kidney is right for a patient in need of a transplant.  Learn the basics of tissue donation, typing, and transplants.

6. DNA Paternity Testing  (double session)*

Find out a child's true parents through DNA testing.

7. Virtual Surgeries

Students will perform a virtual surgery.



Workshops will be run by faculty volunteers from the Education Collaborative of Western New York schools and by professionals in various medical fields. Each Education Collaborative of Western New York school will be invited to bring up to 6 students to participate in the activities. Students will register in advance and be scheduled for events based on the availability of their preferred workshops.  All students will be partnered up with one or two other students from other schools that share their same interests.  Each group will only go to 2 or 3 of the 8 events as some events are double sessions.  Each event will last about an hour.

Instructions for Contact Teachers:

Each participating student must fill out a permission slip/ photo release (found at the bottom of this page).  Once you have this documents in hand, you can register the student online. 

Please register students as soon as possible to facilitate setting up the schedule.  If you know that you are going to invite less than 6 students, please contact Marley Smith ( as soon as possible as there are other schools that already have more than 6 students that want to come.

Make sure that all of the students that you sign up are actually committed to attending the event.  The partners of students that don't show up won't have as much fun.



Schedule for the Day:

Introduction:   9:40- 9:55

Round 1:        10:00- 10:55

Round 2:        11:00- 11:55

Round 3:        12:00- 12:55

Lunch:             1:00- 2:00



School and Directions:

Cardinal O'Hara High School

39 O'Hara Road

Tonawanda, NY 14150



From the East:

Take I-290 to exit 1B, Delaware Avenue (North). Turn right at Joseph Drive. Follow Joseph Drive until reaching O'Hara Road.


From the West:

Take 1-290 exit 1, Elmwood Avenue. Turn left onto Knoche Road. Turn left at first light, Delaware Avenue. Turn right at Joseph Drive. Follow Joseph Drive until reaching O'Hara Road.