Equity as Excellence Summer Conference

August 13-16, 2019





Equity as Excellence is a unique opportunity for educators to receive concrete tools, research-based strategies, and guided practice to support diversity and equity work in their schools. Our method is rooted in the strong belief that equitable and inclusive teaching is simply good teaching, and all educators have the capacity to be equity leaders in their schools. We invite you to share your knowledge and engage in meaningful practice and reflection while learning from the top researchers in the fields of racial literacy and gender diversity.

We will focus on three areas for study and reflection:

  • Foundations of Diversity Pedagogy: multicultural education and the field’s development over time
  • Curricular Scope and Sequence: examples of inclusive classroom lessons and teaching strategies
  • Leadership Best Practices: skills for administrators in leading a diverse community

Beginning with a thorough exploration of current research methods that support an inclusive teaching/learning environment, each day will include instruction on curriculum design along with leadership strategies that promote equity and sustain excellence. You will have time to engage with  role-specific cohort groups so as to apply our work to your particular sphere of influence. We will also break out into racial affinity groups (people of color, multiracial, and white) to further our learning and skill development.

The Program Director is Elizabeth Denevi, Associate Director of East Ed, and Co-Founder of Teaching While White. Guest presenters and organizations include: Dr. Howard Stevenson, Milton Reynolds from Facing History & Ourselves, Randolph Carter from East Ed, Joel Baum from Gender Spectrum, and Malika Carter from Live Oak School.


Day 1: Milton Reynolds, from Facing History & Ourselves, will speak to the history of eugenics and its impact on institutions of education in the past and today. We will frame equity as excellence and discuss the intersection of research, theory, and practice.

Day 2: Joel Baum and other experts from Gender Spectrum will lead our discussions on gender diversity and creating gender inclusive schools. The day will include a track for educators new to this work and another for those who have already received some formal training.

Day 3: Dr. Howard Stevenson is a nationally recognized clinical psychologist and researcher on negotiating racial conflicts using racial literacy. Delving into the latest research, Dr. Stevenson will guide the group in practicing difficult conversations about race and provide tools to navigate racial stress.

Day 4: Randolph Carter will present classroom protocols and frameworks for professional learning and accountability. Cohort groups will meet to consolidate learning and develop action plans.




Elizabeth Denevi is the Associate Director for Mid West Educational Collaborative, a non-profit agency that works with schools nationally to increase equity, promote diversity pedagogy, and implement strategic processes for growth and development. Previously, she served as Director of Studies & Professional Development at Latin School of Chicago. In this position, Elizabeth was responsible for the stewardship and integration of curriculum from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, as well as for the oversight and coordination of professional development and evaluation for all faculty.